Intro to Coding Track

Get ready to jumpstart a career with global impact. Earn credit while learning in-demand skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Enhance your resume by tackling real-world projects from global companies including:

The Most In-Demand Career In The World

$72,000. That’s the average salary for an entry-level Web Developer in the US. With more aspects of daily life shifting online, Web Devs are more in-demand than ever, and companies everywhere are willing to pay a pretty penny to anyone that can turn their ideas into a reality. 

Want to become a changemaker? Come join us.

Earn Credits & Real-World Skills

Two Courses. Six Credits. One Global Tech Program.

Course 1: June 1-July 2 | Course 2: July 6-August 6


Intro to Web Design with HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap

There are two (3) Enrollment Options for this course*:

Business Elective

WPC 294

General Elective

SAO 294

Engineering Elective

FSE 294

Start learning how to build beautiful mobile and web experiences for users around the world, using best practices in UI/UX design.

After this course, you’ll:

  • Accelerate your career with in-demand web design skills
  • Develop a portfolio of real-world projects and your very own websites
  • Receive HTML & CSS Certification for your resume and LinkedIn


Web Development with Javascript & APIs

There are three (3) Enrollment Options for this course*:

Business Elective

WPC 394

General Elective

SAO 394

Engineering Elective

FSE 394

Picking up where Web Design left off, with Web Dev you’ll advance your coding knowledge with JavaScript — building real dynamic web apps for users around the world.

After this course, you’ll:

  • Accelerate your career with in-demand coding skills
  • Enhance your portfolio by building front end web apps using JavaScript
  • Receive a JavaScript & Web Development Certification for your resume and LinkedIn

*Please note: You should select the enrollment option that best suits your major, and use the same enrollment prefix for both courses

(i.e.: If you choose SAO 249, select SAO 349). Exceptions can be made, but please speak to your Program Advisor to learn more.

How It Works

Take everything you know about online courses and throw it away. Applying the best of both worlds, this program blends the structured familiarity of in-person classes with the ease and convenience of virtual learning, delivering you the tools and resources you need to succeed. Experience high-quality content, engaging group discussions and develop relevant, applicable skills from the moment you log in.

Online Learning

Whether you prefer to work at your desk at 2 PM or on your couch at 2 AM, our 100% online program gives you the flexibility to learn your way, every day. 

Each week, you’ll complete online modules containing Hollywood-produced Video Lectures and tangible exercises, set to a schedule that works best for you.

Online Sessions

Once you’ve tackled the modules on your own, meet with your peers weekly in LiveLab, a virtual classroom conducted over Zoom.

During these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to work with your peers and instructor to deepen your understanding and get additional hands-on practice.

No Tests,
No Quizzes

Instead of being graded on learning theories and memorizing formulas, this course will be open-world, where you can use all the resources around you to solve real problems.

Skill Builders and Portfolio Projects will help you apply relevant concepts to real data sets and demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

Guided Support

You're going to feel confident and fully supported every step of the way.

If a specific assignment has you stumped, reach out to our 1:1 on-demand Tutoring Center or attend weekly group Study Halls! Need help catching up or have questions? Your dedicated Program Advisor is here to be your personal success coach.

What You'll Learn

Each module in this course is designed to make you career-ready. Using relevant case studies and a learn-by-doing approach, you'll build real websites, functioning web apps, and even your own portfolio site.

Dr. Matthew Small


Matthew Small

But Mighty.

Knowledge is power, technology is the future and Matthew is the bridge that will connect you to the plethora of possibilities they create. Based on years of experience leading world-renowned projects for Google Assistant, Google AR/VR, and co-creating behavioral programming in partnership with the Gates Foundation, he is steadfast in one, single belief: Coding is for everyone. 

Whether you’re planning for a career in tech, business, health or even art, grab a seat and prepare to take your future career to the next level.

We also welcome Noah Rost, Director of Study Abroad, who will work in tandem with Dr. Small throughout the course as the Instructor of Record.

Former Senior Software Engineer at Google

High Performance Computing Researcher with Los Alamos National Lab

Senior Software Architect on Emmersiv Autism Gaming for Xbox Kinect

The OG Outdoorsman:

 Avid Skier & Swimmer

Coding is like a language: It takes practice to properly use and understand, but regardless of your age, background or experience level, anyone can learn it. And once you do, so many opportunities open up for you.


Personalized Support

Right At Your Fingertips

We know you got this. But for the times you need a helping hand, we’ve compiled a slew of resources to make sure you achieve the best results.

Every week, I’ll assist any way I can during our virtual LiveLabs to make sure you’re properly retaining the info from the Video Lectures.

LiveLab Instructor


Missed a class? Having some issues submitting assignments? LMK! Together, we’ll troubleshoot any hiccups that get in the way of you having a smooth learning experience.

Program Advisor

Don't Just Take Our Word For It ...

I have learned so much and there are no prerequisites — anyone can learn from this course.

SOPHOMORE | Info. Technology

The support in this course is so amazing. You can take this course even when you are super busy with life.


With tech becoming a huge part of all businesses, I feel this is a great class to take.

JUNIOR | Business Admin

This was such a phenomenally helpful course for me: It was so incredibly illuminating, and I'm not sure I can really narrow down what I liked most.

ALUM | Computer Science

I learned information that will help me in the workforce one day, something I've never learned in a regular college course.

SENIOR | Marketing

The learning approach was unlike most other online courses I've taken, and delightfully so! This is how it should be done.



The Global Tech Programs will be offered this Summer Term from January 10, 2022 to April 29, 2022.

Each program contains two courses: Course 1 (January 10 to March 1) and Course 2 (March 14 to April 29).

Class will be broken up into two parts:

  1. Video Lectures: are high-quality, recorded online videos and can be completed any time — day or night — but you will need to stay on track with your ASU peers.

  2. LiveLabs: are virtual classrooms that will meet twice a week, conducted over Zoom video chat with your classmates.

See When are LiveLabs for a breakdown of LiveLab time options.

LiveLabs are virtual classrooms that will meet twice a week, conducted over Zoom video chat with your classmates.

  • Data Analytics Track
    • LiveLab Section option 1: Mondays and Thursdays 10-11:30 a.m. MST / PDT
    • LiveLab Section option 2: Mondays and Thursdays 3-4:30 p.m. MST / PDT
    • LiveLab Section option 3: Tuesdays and Fridays 8-9:30 a.m. MST / PDT
    • LiveLab Section option 4: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7:30 p.m. MST / PDT

  • Digital Marketing Track
    • LiveLab Section option 1: Tuesdays and Fridays 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. MST / PDT
    • LiveLab Section option 2: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. MST / PDT
    • LiveLab Section option 3: Wednesdays and Fridays 11-12 :30 p.m. MST / PDT

  • Intro to Coding Track
    • LiveLab Section option 1: Mondays and Thursdays 10-11:30 a.m. MST / PDT
    • LiveLab Section option 2: Tuesdays and Fridays 9-10:30 a.m. MST / PDT
    • LiveLab Section option 3: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7:30 p.m. MST / PDT

You are required to attend LiveLabs with your classmates weekly.

Twice a week, you will participate in a face-to-face, online session with your LiveLab Instructor and classmates to discuss project work and provide Q&A on previous lectures.

You will have access to an on-demand online tutor, a coach to make sure you stay on track, a peer pod for group work, and weekly live discussions.

No, these courses are designed for all backgrounds and majors. Rather than starting your courses in theory, your courses will start with a focus on real-world application, using tools that remove complexity. These courses are not just “open note" — they are "open everything," just like the real world.

These courses will require you to have access to a desktop or laptop computer (Chromebooks and tablets are NOT compatible), stable high-speed internet and a webcam.

  • For Windows, a computer with a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or later is required.
  • For Macs, a model from 2009 or newer is required.

You will receive all other course materials and software licensing.

  • For current ASU students, the cost for each Global Tech Program is $564/per credit.

    • For Summer 2021, eligible corporate partner students utilizing corporate scholarships, tuition assistance or other awards will be able to utilize their funds to participate in the ASU Global Tech Programs.

  • For Non-ASU students, the cost for each Global Tech Program is $616.67 per credit.

Note: You may be eligible to receive financial aid for these programs — please speak to the Financial Aid office to learn more.

Yes, all learners may take the program, and the courses are eligible to be counted for course credit towards degree completion at ASU. After reserving your seat, you'll receive instructions with next steps to complete your enrollment.

All ASU students are eligible to receive six (6) credits upon completion of the full program. Consult your program advisor for more details.

All ASU students must hold a 2.0 or higher GPA in order to participate in the Global Tech Programs.

All international (non-US citizen) applicants must show proof of English language proficiency, unless coming from a country where English is the primary language. If your passport is from a country where English is the primary language, you may ignore this online form.

Applicants attending an institution where the primary language of instruction is NOT English must provide evidence of English language proficiency. The English proficiency requirement may be fulfilled by providing official documentation from one of the English language proficiency exams that are listed on our website — please ask for more information.

No, you can attend these courses from anywhere.

The ASU Global Tech Programs are offered in partnership with Podium Education, the leader in developing online programs that empower universities to prepare students for high-growth careers in the digital economy.

Contact ASU Global Tech Programs Team at (480) 933-4054.

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